Shadow Aspect was shot during a two-month period from July - August (2020), during the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, this time presented unforeseen difficulties due to a lack of distraction from one's thoughts and insecurities, as well as increasing uncertainty.

During this same time, I was diagnosed with Pure O, a lesser known form of OCD. In contrast to traditional OCD, many of the compulsions experienced by Pure O sufferers are internal rather than external, and come in the form of intrusive thoughts. For upwards of 11 years, I have been experiencing frequent intrusive thoughts which alienated me from society, often making me feel broken or insane.

Through the philosophy of Carl Jung’s Shadow Archetype, I attempted to photographically depict my Pure O experiences as a cohesive narrative. Jung proposed a 3-step process for integrating the shadow, starting with encounter, moving to merger, and finally to assimilation.  The project is 21 photos split into 3 sections mirroring Jung’s steps. Each section begins with a quote from or about Jung, and consists of seven photos representing my experience in that step.  In addition, a number of sub-themes of my OCD experience appear as subtleties within the images.  Further, the subject matter is mostly inanimate, often shot in ideal conditions, but meant to convey more sinister undertones, in much the same way that my Pure O symptoms lay beneath the surface appearance of my life.

Aside from my personal intent, I want the viewer to take away their own experience and interpretation from the work in full.

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